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Formed in 1999 we are an independant Insurance Management and Risk Assessment Company located near Central London.

We offer a unique consultancy service to companies and individuals to resolve insurance problems and provide risk evaluations.


We independant consultants working for our clients. We are not  insurance brokers, we do not sell insurance and we do not take commission from insurance companies



Is your business up in the air?
Is your business up in the air?

Many businesses leave their insurance and risk management to an unqualified member of staff who may not have the time or expertise to evaluate their Company's risks or insurance needs. This can result in costly mistakes when claims arise.

Typical unresolved insurance problems:

  • Policies in a mess and no idea of coverage.
  • Claims that cannot be collected.
  • Unfamiliar policy language causing confusion and coverage gaps. 
  • Unknown exposures as a result of mergers or acquisitions.
  • Unclear instructions to your broker resulting in increased insurance costs.
  • No knowledge of how to negotiate your renewal coverage to obtain the best deal.
  • Is insurance the best form of asset protection for your Company?


Risk management is like waste management. If you allow mis-management it all goes down the pan!

Contact us to evaluate your risk and insurance needs.

Insurance Solutions (Consultants) Ltd
Phone: 44(0)20 8300 9145
Registered in England, Company number 03802709