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Resolving the problems of the past

Often due to circumstances outside of your control you can be left with an Insurance mess to clear up. We can help with outstanding claims, gaps in coverage, liabilities that have just surfaced due to change in management, lack of expertise or time to attend to problems.

Identifying current exposures

We offer:

A current unbiased evaluation of your exposure and report on the suitability of your insurance protection.

An independant risk report that will assist underwriters to properly evaluate your business and charge realistic premiums.

Evaluation of terms and conditions from multiple brokers and underwriters to obtain the best coverage and premium.

Arbitration on your behalf with insurers and third parties.

Risk management for the future 

Having established the correct insurance programme it is important to ensure you are fully protected for the future.

We can help to avoid expensive costs and possible litigation when accidents happen.

Assist you to decide when insurance coverage is needed and also when a risk can be assumed.

Help identify potential exposures and costs when developing your business.

Assist to ensure your business partners offer you suitable protection against their liabilities.

Customer quotes
"Insurance Solutions carried out a thorough review of our insurance policies and saved us premium with inproved coverage"
London Company 2005
"We had insured and uninsured claims on our balance sheet running over several years. Insurance Solutions investigated and made significant recoveries for us"
Kent Company 2006
"Without Insurance Solutions I would have been unable to recover a large claim from insurers following a major accident"
DL Kent
"We could not understand why our premiums were so high. Insurance Solutions reviewed our risk exposures and helped us in our renewal negotiations. We saved money and improved our policy coverage".
Aviation Company Essex 2006

We tell our children it is careless to lose money.
Why don't we listen?

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